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Maree Square Macrame Bag | Black


Strong square macrame landscape bag hand woven from sustainable Abaca fibres. 

Sustainable and super stylish, these bags are made for ease of use, perfectly matched to any outfit and ideal for so many uses - a trip to the farmers market, a day mooching around town or cruising around the coast.

The Maree style is perfect for carrying your MacBook too with its landscape format and robust handles.

Made in small batches from the sustainable Abaca plant by URI - an independent brand working with indigenous weaving techniques of the Philippines. The Abaca seeds are hand sewn and the crop is harvested within two miles of where the basket is finished. Local communities of makers then skilfully weave the materials to create each basket.

The hand twined and woven abaca make this robust but still ensures a beautiful piece of artisanal work. 

By growing their own native Filipino plants like Abacá, Uri nurtures local biodiversity in the Philippines and can trace their supply chain from farm to fibre to remain transparent at every step.

In purchasing a Uri bag you are, in turn, also helping to support and empower these female communities.

material: 100% Abaca

colour : Black

dimensions: W46 cm x L52 cm


Uri bags are 100% plant fibre, zero waste and finished by expert hands.


About Uri

Charly, the founder of Uri tells us a little about the brand:

"Uri began as a journey of motherhood, an aspiration to use a career in fashion to magnify the incomparable skills of female artisans in the Philippines and reshape the opportunities within a community that raised me.

As a sole parent I know the value of time, and employing mothers and grandmothers means providing a safe place to play and study in our workshops, whilst financially supporting these matriarchal pillars of the community.

My dream for this brand was to design with nature to create a more breathable future and the best bag money could buy.

From sourcing Abacá to growing our own saplings, every step we take is towards a more transparent way of circular making.

From sketches to stitching, I have sewn a little bit of my soul into every single bag, as have the many artisans whose hands they pass through before we present them to you. Consistency, quality and craftsmanship run through every centimetre of every bag and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved since 2019".