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Mabel & Co

Box of 6 Hand Printed Letterpress Cards | A Note To Say


Box of 6 Letterpress Cards, hand printed using traditional craft techniques. An exquisite way to send a note, the old fashioned way.

Mabel & Co greetings cards are typeset in Futura, a typeface designed between 1924 & 1927 by German Designer Paul Renner. Strongly reflecting the Bauhaus influence of the time, it nevertheless remains - over 90 years later - widely used for print and digital design.

Cards are blank on the inside and have some typographical information on the reverse.

The cards and boxes are hand letterpress printed on a treadle powered press, built around 1860, and following its restoration, still going strong some 160 years later.


100% recycled letterpress card.

Folded A7 size.

British made FSC envelope.

Natural linseed oil ink.


About Mabel & Co

Working from an old wheelwright's shop, on a tucked away estate in Suffolk, Mabel & Co is a designer maker studio focused on sustainability and traditional craft practices.

Mabel & Co was born from a deep rooted concern about the social and environmental impacts of modern manufacturing, farming and consumer cycle and a belief that with its emphasis on local and natural materials, hand crafted quality and longevity of aesthetics the concept and practice of craft is a viable, if only partial, response.

All Mabel & Co products are fully recyclable or compostable.