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Earl of East

Earl East | Incense Cones | Sandalwood


These cute little hand-dipped incense cones are perfect for helping to calm the mind as well as for creating a feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Burn these whenever you're feeling in need of a quick moment of peace. (they're great for decluttering busy minds) or simply to refresh your space.

Fragranced with Sandalwood - To help ground.

To Use: Place cone on a heatproof surface. Light the tip and let it burn for approximately 15 seconds before blowing out. Sit back and enjoy the wonderfully comforting aroma.

Each cone burns for approximately 15 minutes.

Each tin contains 16 cones


About Earl of East

Earl of East was founded in 2014 and started life as a market stall in East London, built from a love of home fragrance.

The brand has since grown to include two bricks and mortar stores in London and a line of home fragrance and lifestyle products that are made sustainably by a dedicated team in London.

The brand is built upon 4 pillars: Create, Curate, Collaborate and Community, and this foundation weaves through everything they do as a company.