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Cod Liver Oil Vintage Pharmacy Bottle


Fantastic vintage aqua glass pharmacy bottle in super condition with the most fabulous printed label with a description of contents as follows:

"This oil is obtained by a superior process from the FRESH LIVERS of the Cod Fish, by which means the nausea and consequent derangement of the Stomach, caused by the disagreeable odour and taste of that obtained by the old method, is entirely obviated."
A great piece of pharmaceutical and social history and would make a fun talking point on a bathroom or kitchen shelf.
The glass is embossed with "Lester & Williamson Pharmacists Foleshill" on the back and graduated with raised tablespoon markings as was customary with pharmacy bottles at the time. 
Label is imprinted with the name of the Chemist, "Hall & King, Chemists, West Cliff Pharmacy, Folkestone".