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Bath + Body Oil | Neroli + Rose


MODM Bath + Body Oil contains a natural blend of oils to soften + nourish the skin, whether for scenting a therapeutic bath or applying directly to the body

- kukui nut oil, rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B17 + E, + full of antioxidants for protecting 

- organic apricot oil for creating a satin-smooth feel

- pomegranate seed oil for firming + repair

- vitamin E for soothing inflammation

our neroli + rose blend evokes herbaceous, sweet + floral notes

hand blended in Scotland, U.K. in small batches

natural | vegan | cruelty-free

directions: for body, gently massage in using circular movements + allow to quickly absorb leaving skin smooth + supple

for bath, pour under a warm running tap + swirl to disperse