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Organic Kala Cotton Face Cloth


bashō x Project Pico | Organic Kala Cotton Face Cloth

Gently exfoliating, and silky soft when submerged in water, this face cloth elevates the simple routine of your daily face wash.

Un-dyed and naturally flecked, the cloth is hand woven using organically grown kala cotton.The irregularities and colour differentiations within the weave makes each piece unique and is a reminder of the handmade process and natural materials used.

Measures 30x30cm.

+ Gently exfoliating
+ Removes dirt and excess oils
+ Softens skin
+ Buffs away dead skin cells

Created in collaboration with Project Pico

The creation of simple skincare routines encourages a more conscious relationship with our skin. These daily rituals create a space for us to listen to our body’s needs and respond with compassion. With Pico we have designed this Organic cotton face cloth to elevate these simple moments into a practice of self care.

Pico work with a co-operative in India whose work supports ecology heritage and craft in Western Gujarat. This cloth is handwoven using organically and locally grown kala cotton. Kala is a variety of cotton native to the Kachchh region, which is naturally adapted to its' dry and arid climate.

bashō promote the often overlooked aspects of skincare, placing our unique, natural rhythms and cycles centre stage. By listening to our own body, observing, respecting and tuning in, we are able to make more thoughtful and harmonising lifestyle and product choices.

Sustainable skincare

Rather than seeking a quick fix approach, our products and philosophy have integrity and longevity in mind. In harmonising with our bodies natural systems and cycles our approach is a more sustainable option for long term skin health.

Directions for use

These face cloths can be used with or without a cleanser. Submerge in a basin of warm water and use to gently wipe any cleanser or residue of the day from your face and neck. The cloth is gently exfoliating, leaving skin buffed, cleansed and softened.


Fabric softens with use. Machine wash on a gentle cycle, 20-30°


About bashō

We are two women who want to cultivate a more holistic and harmonious approach to skincare. By honouring the natural rhythms and cycles we move through as we age we hope to have a more considered and compassionate relationship with ourselves and our skin. 

Our own personal journeys led us to a deeper understanding of the holistic connections between lifestyle and skin health. We knew that external factors such as food, sleep and the environment could affect our skin and mood but we began to explore these and other connections through the prism of skincare when, in our late twenties and early thirties we both experienced changes and disruption to our skin.

When we paid more attention to our menstrual cycles, lifestyles and product choices, there was a clear connection between the state of our skin and all of these factors. Our standards for skincare changed, sparking the creation of bashō.